About Us

Clementine’s whole life has been about creating, especially creating something out of nothing. It was only natural for her to begin sewing together her mothers scrap fabric to clothe her barbies at an early age. She soon moved on to making the cat and hamster clothing, then eventually her cousin, by her teens she was crafting elaborate costumes for herself and friends.

Clementine took her love to the next step while attending Artquest, an art school centered high school, where she took the next steps to have a focus for college. Eventually taking several classes at the SRJC, Clementine was working towards attending a specialized fashion design school.

At the young age of 19 Clementine found out she was pregnant with her daughter and plans changed. Instead of creating high fashion for models, she soon began clothing her baby, and making her Halloween costumes every year, and soon her sister’s and her brother’s. Every high school dance was an opportunity and eventually her daughter’s graduation outfit.

Clementine started to dive further into sewing and hunting for fun fabrics began to take place, then the unimaginable happened, Clementine’s house burned in the 2017 Tubbs fire. Horrified by the loss of everything, life was a huge rebuild of things that brought joy and helped with healing such grief. Well that’s when it started, sewing every day was so therapeutic, and felt so extremely productive, and creative. Clementine had to fund her fabric spending so she launched her rather popular clothing line, naming it after her son, “The Kind King Clothing”. Clementine’s son is named after a king, and she spends a lot of time explaining how kings should be kind, and he has listened and loves to be The Kind King…