Helpful Hints

Helpful hints to help you score!

  • Order on your computer, sometimes from the phone runs too slow and fabrics are gone before you can get a chance to order
  • Be on time, 6:00PM PST, being on time is critical
  • Be logged in to your account via the website, this helps with your ease of payment
  • Load Gift Cards to your account ahead of time, they prove to be really easy to use once loaded to your account
  • Check out OFTEN, I suggest checking out often, the cart hold won’t work if 2 people add the same thing at the same time and they check out before you, it will be gone, so I suggest checking out often and using COMBINE SHIPPING if you need to prevent paying too much shipping
  • Window shop ahead of time in the facebook group The Kind King Love, not only will you see the fabrics you want, you can find discount rep codes to save on your purchase 😉
  • Be prepared, the process seems a bit confusing at first but honestly the website really streamlines and makes thing easy. -You will head to the website, click on whatever category you are shopping for, pick fabric, design, add ons and size, and check out. It has BEEN A LEARNING experience to build a website with all the customizable options built in, but we try to be very user friendly.
  • PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS AHEAD OF TIME, at 6pm, I will not be able to help unless an emergency, I have a questions post on facebook that might help you out and others who may have the same questions, so let’s keep questions that there. Otherwise sending an email before 5pm is best,
  • If you miss the notes section at check out, please look for it, I print all the invoices with all the info on one sheet of paper, so it really makes my life easier if the notes are printed at the same time, however in the heat I totally understand overlooking it, if that happens you can reply to the confirmation email of your item with any additional details, I will email back when I make note, and that may take up to a week while I organize the orders.Fabric choices