Cloth face masks

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5-11 Retail sale 6PM PT Today

Let’s talk masks ???? So everyone is aware of features and functionality of each mask???? ❤Masks will be made of 95%cotton 5%spandex some might be organic ????masks can be 64% effective of filtering particulate matter worn alone ????masks have a pocket so you can insert a filter to improve up to 95% ????masks can be worn as a cover of an N95 mask to prolong the effectiveness of your n95 ????the ties can be tied together to be ear loops, or be tied behind the head, making it versatile for different preferences on comfort (I personally hate the ear loops, my ears don’t stay up and actually ache, but my husband doesn’t mind) (others don’t like ties because of hair being tied in)

????Sizes! Medium will fit a very large range, however if you’re planning on wearing as a N95 cover you might want to size up. 4t- teen, adult small, adult medium and adult large are the sizes available Nose to chin child size 4t-teen 5 inches Adult small 6 inches Adult medium 7 inches Adult large 8 inches ❤ Never put a mask on a child under the age of 4, this is a huge suffocation risk and evidence shows most masks aren’t effective enough for such little ones because the risk out weighs the possible benefits

???? All masks are stretchy and don’t have any filter and don’t have a solid structure, they fit snug and are made fairly breathable ???? it is suggested to have 2 for each person so they can be washed between uses ???? there’s an adjustable wire that can be replaced and might need adjusting between washes ❤ ????Masks are reversible for 2 looks 🙂

???? Every mask bought= 1 mask donated to a front line worker